Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Marathon Task


My home city, Newport, is holding its first ever marathon on October 30th.

Now I've never run a marathon myself (just the one 10k in Swansea last year) but the announcement that we are going to be holding that most exciting of sporting events in my home city is fantastic news - and it's got me thinking.

Anyone who is familiar with Newport will agree when I say London or New York it ain't. We have hills everywhere in Newport - many of them long and steep. People who regularly pound the pavements around the city know that even the ostensibly flat bits of Newport, Chepstow Road, for example, have sneaky little inclines that catch you out when you're least expecting it. Newport mothers daren't take one hand off their pushchairs for fear that their little ones will go whizzing off down the street at top speed.


At the time of writing, I don't think the official route has been published - the official website simply states 'this new and challenging event will take you past some of Newport’s iconic landmarks: Newport Castle, the beautiful canal routes including the Fourteen Locks, the Transporter Bridge, new University, the Riverfront Theatre and along the River Usk.'

Just for fun, I've devised my own marathon  around Newport - trying to keep it as flat as possible (or at least running downhill at the worst bits). This is fantasy sport, so I'm not worrying about potential road closures, etc, just avoiding those pesky peaks.

Check out my alternative 26.19 mile route courtesy of WalkJogRun.com

And now all that's left to do is to walk it (sorry, I'm just not fit enough to run it).

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